Turney and Burbage Roads look ahead to 2019

At a well attended AGM of both roads residents celebrated the many activities of 2018 undertaken by active residents and noted changes in the streets. Councillors from Southwark attended as well as a member of our local police team.

Throughout 2018 residents were represented on a number of public consultations; working with Dulwich Village Forum and the Safer Neighborhoods Panel; supporting Safe Routes to School  in the installation of a new crossing at Half Moon Lane, and encouraging good communication with The Dulwich Estate.

Residents helped support charitable and sociable initiatives including the Learning Hub Campaign for St Christopher’s Hospice, volunteers for St Barnabas, Abbeyfields and Bell House and carol singing in aid of School Home Support.

No party was held this year as a great deal of work has been going in to a special celebration for next June. Tessa Jowell MP, Cllr Toby Eckersley, Len Bishop and John Ward, were amongst cherished friends lost this year.

During the year Southwark council carried out the Quietway Turney Road changes though Lambeth council is still to decide on its implementation plan. There was continuing liaison with the three Sports Clubs,  SCST, Dulwich and Edward Alleyn.

PC Stephen Bush of the Village police team reported on:

School child mugging: Muggers on bikes have been targeting children and are not the usual known gangs. There has also been some Inter-school fighting involving a weapon and a slight wound was inflicted.  Police have this in hand.

Burglaries: May was bad but levels have been lower recently.

Car Theft: All attempted thefts and cash lost from cars should be reported. Ap known gang tries car doors in the early hours and have been caught.

Fireworks: Residents have complained that Belair House and others, let off fireworks late at night. PC Bush reported they need a a special party license to do this.

Resourcing: We value the knowledge and contact point of a local team.  Dulwich Village currently has two PCs (Bush and McLynn) but PC Support Officers are not being replaced. PCs are occasionally taken off the area to work elsewhere.

We are urged to always report a crime.  If it is happening or just happened call 999, if less urgent call 111.

The cycle extravaganza in the cycle stadium went off well as far as residents were concerned and will be repeated next year.


Residents learned that plans are being made to take advantage of the 400th anniversary of the death of Richard Burbage to mark what an exceptional Shakespearean actor he was.

Following this year’s live concerts in Brockwell Park the Field Day and Love Box events are planned for 2019 and residents were alerted to the Brockwell Park feedback sessions at Gallery 198 on Tuesday 16 and Wed 17 October 2018.

Turney Road will be resurfaced in November and Feedback can be given on the Quietway on the Southwark council website. Residents should inform Councillors Margy Newens and Richard Leeming as well.  The main changes put in place, besides the new layout at the Dulwich Village traffic lights, are build outs replacing islands and a new pedestrian crossing near the junior school.

There are proposals for new controlled parking zones (CPZ). Current CPZ proposals include adding Village Way to the North Dulwich triangle CPZ. The possibility of a CPZ in East Dulwich to include Townley Road. Also Croxted Road may have a CPZ. All these may impact Turney and Burbage.  So a discussion was held about Turney and Burbage being included in any Village CPZ. It was noted that the Dulwich Society is likely to be setting up a public meeting to discuss a Village CPZ.

Together both Turney and Burbage are proposing to run a survey to obtain some base data about parking in the roads. This will include finding the number of residents vehicles, the number of off street and on street parking places and information about the difficulties if any of parking at different times of the day. This idea was well received.

Edward Allyen Club: residents are encouraged to use the Club as all were welcome. The bar opens 4-7.30pm most days and at the weekends.  There is Space for 130, which can be used for parties and residents are given preferential rates.

The EAC and Alleyn’s School were thanked by the RAs for hosting this meeting

Dulwich Society: Sue Badman, recommended we look at the Dulwich Society website www.dulwichsociety.co.  There are new digitalized maps of Dulwich Estate. Additionally, Dulwich Society is now giving grants for projects. Dulwich Estate Advisory Committee meets three times a year.

Safe Routes to School: Ros Walton, Secretary to SRS, advised we all keep a look out for children who need support as muggings are often disguised to look like friendly chats using shielding body language.

A concern was raised about the safety of the junction between the Dulwich Sports Club access road and Burbage for vehicles and pedestrians. This will be taken up with the club.

Quietway for Turney Rd – Street meeting Sat 18 April 10.30am in the SCST Pavilion.

The Mayor of London and the London Borough Councils are developing cycling strategies.

The Mayor of London has set out his Vision for Cycling programme, amongst which are two key elements:

  • Two flagship segregated Cycle Superhighways, one East-West from Tower Hill to Westbourne Terrace, and one North-South, from Elephant & Castle to King’s Cross.
  • A new network of ‘Quietways’ – direct, continuous, fully-signposted routes on peaceful side streets, running far into the suburbs, and aimed at people put off by cycling in traffic.

A Quietway is proposed to run along Turney Road.

What is a Quietway?  According to the Mayor’s Vision for Cycling, Quietways comprise: “A cross-London network of high quality guided routes being created on low-traffic back streets and other routes so that different kinds of cyclists can choose the routes which suit them.

Unlike the old London Cycle Network, Quietways will be direct. They will be better surfaced. They will be clearly signed, mostly on the road itself, making it impossible to lose your way. Each route will be delivered as a whole, not piecemeal and they will not give up at the difficult places”.

The proposals are at an early stage and the precise proposals are not yet known.

The Committee of TRRA is addressing this issue and wishes to develop a response, to both Southwark and Lambeth Councils, that has the support of residents.  We would welcome your views and invite you to come along.

We will also be able to inform you about the Green Spine Initiative.

The Green Spine Initiative Is a community approach to enhance the general street environment and encourage wildlife through a series of mini community projects along Turney Road

Both require some serious consideration and hope you can join us. If you cannot make the meeting but wish to make comments then please email: michael@cama.clara.net

Quietway meeting notice

All you need to know about speed humps – What do they do?

In response to residents’ questions, we have carried out some research on speed humps!  Here is a selection of information we have found about humps, incl sinusoidal humps.

The latter appear to give a smoother ride for cyclists and one of the documents also suggests that they reduce the number of complaints (presumably against vehicle and property damage).  The policies for using this type of hump have been in place for a number of years – the DFT docs, Traffic Advisory Leaflets date from 1998 and 2000, and there have been no revised versions since.    We originally had round humps in Turney but the practice in Southwark has been towards the use of smoother sinusoidal humps with a maximum height of 75mm, and new & replacement humps are sinusoidal.

Southwark Street Scene teams are taking a broader view of streetscapes and looking at a range of improvements and traffic measures including “shared space” rather than simply humps.

New cars/SUVs are better able to travel over humps and if you are a back seat passenger e.g. in black cab you get a more comfortable ride over sinusoidals.  There is a psychology about humps and their presence will help to slow traffic at least until drivers become accustomed to them.

Southwark must believe that they are serving a purpose in reducing speed otherwise they wouldn’t continue to install them but the 2010-2011 transport plan report suggests they are not popular.   The same report also indicates that Southwark’s road safety record improved from 1997-2007 but has since levelled off mainly due to increased cyclist casualties.   However so many other factors have contributed to improved road safety incl vehicle improvements.

Given some residents’ view that the new humps are leading to higher vehicle speeds, we could ask the councillors to put down a question about evidence of effectiveness of road humps in speed reduction in Southwark esp given SUVs, new cars.    They are considered to be the main measure for “enforcement” of 20mph.

If there is evidence of faster traffic in Turney & Burbage Roads, we should report this to the police and Safer Neighbourhood Team as they are equipped with technology to survey speeds.   We could also make a request under the next Cleaner, Greener, Safer round for an automatic speed control “ Your speed/slow down” sign in Turney Road.  This would have the disadvantage of more signs cluttering the street and we do not know the effectiveness of such signs.

Southwark will implement a borough-wide 20mph zone on non-TfL roads at some point soon, which might be accompanied by publicity, signage and improved enforcement measures.

Before the humps we had quite a lot of accidents, some of them very serious incl. one car that crashed into a house and burst into flames.   Does anyone have any evidence of increased accidents in the road?  I recall a resident’s car got bashed up  a year or so ago, and a few weeks ago there was debris from a car near the Turney/Burbage junction.

See the following reports for more detail:

http://v.gd/O2Bggw (traffic calming)

http://v.gd/eul3X5 (Sinusoidals)

http://www.rbwm.gov.uk/web/td_traffic_calming_index.htm (RB of Maidenhead & Windsor site abt traffic calming)

www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/today/reports/docs/humps.rtf  (report on humps)


(Southwark – Scutari Road Improvements incl sinusoidal road humps).

http://www.trl.co.uk/default.htm (good site on road technology and research)

http://www.southwark.gov.uk/download/6510/annual_report_2010-11_part_1  (interesting report on delivery of the Southwark Transport Plan)

News items for Burbage Rd residents

Meet our Councillors on 4th March: The Dulwich Society is hosting an event to hear from and question our local Councillors. All three political parties will be represented and it’s an opportunity for us to understand and make our feelings known about the Council’s current and future policies as they affect transport, education, the environment, planning, policing and health. This event takes place on Monday 4th March at 7.30pm at the Michael Croft Theatre, Alleyn’s School, Townley Road, SE22 8SU. Young residents who will be voting for the for the first  time in the next Council elections may find it particularly helpful to come along.

The Velodrome inner track, Multi Use Games Area and floodlighting are underway: Work has started on the site and is intended to be completed by the Good Friday Meeting which will launch the new facilities and also the campaign to raise finance for the third and final phase of development, making good the presently dilapidated pavilion. The Residents’ Association has been involved in agreeing hours  of access for the contractors ( including limiting access during the busy school run) and in monitoring the works generally. Issues arising with the works are being taken up and dealt with as we go along and generally all seems well, but get in touch if there’s anything troubling you. Peter McAnany, (07748 632950) the F M Conway Project Manager is acting as Public Liaison Officer and is also available to answer any questions.

What’s your view about the proposal for a replacement pedestrian island at the junction of Burbage Road and Dulwich Village?  We remain very concerned about the safety of this junction, especially for pedestrians. A return to the previous configuration has always been our aim but seems unlikely under safety evaluation criteria and given budget constraints. However, in response to strong local feeling, a plan has been drawn up to reinstate a pedestrian island just back from the junction and this is attached for your information. The finance for this plan has been earmarked but will not be committed without residents’ approval, which needs to be given in March. Council Officers will explain the plan to us and collect our feedback at a meeting to be arranged shortly, but in the meantime it is  important that if you have any views, for or against, if you don’t mind what happens, or have any questions you contact me directly as soon as possible . As this is such a key issue for us, and the sums of public money are large ( c£18K),  I don’t feel able to volunteer a representative view without explicit feedback from as many residents as possible. So I’d appreciate a quick email response from everyone. (Acceptance of this proposal will not prevent us from pursuing the issue of how the current configuration was changed without our views being taken into account.)  Thanks.   Proposed Burbage pedestrian island

Should we lobby for culling urban foxes?  Given the disturbing recent news involving urban foxes and infants, some residents have raised the question of whether we should lobby for measures to cull the urban fox population. I’d be interested to hear your views on this.

Does household closed circuit TV help to deter or catch criminals?  Some of us have CCTV trained upon our own property and a neighbouring residents’ association has asked whether we think it helps as some of their own members are considering it too. I’ll be grateful if any residents who have it in operation will let me know what they think so we can pass our views on.

We have until 6th March to respond to the Mayor’s survey on his Office’s Policing Plan: Details of how to do this by post or via the internet are on the attachment above. Police and Crime Questionnaire

Would you consider opening your garden to raise money for St Christopher’s Hospice?  Last year over £20,000 was raised for the hospice in this way. You could open your garden and hold your own tea and cakes party or perhaps host a barbeque.


For more information about the Open Gardens season or to hear more about their events please contact Saja Shaheen, Events Fundraiser, on 020 8768 4715..

The resurfacing of Burbage Road seems to have gone smoothly! Some residents have been speed testing the humps –  apparently for altruistic purposes – and report that they seem smaller, but we have been assured that the humps’ ‘sinusoidal design’  is fit for purpose and now the Borough standard.

Please put Friday 21st June in your diary for the  Turney & Burbage  Summer Party at the Edward Alleyn Club and let me know if you have any ideas for the party or can help either beforehand or on the day -the organisation usually falls to a very small (and worn out) group of neighbours. I also hope to update the email database shortly and volunteers to cover a small section of the road would be appreciated (it’s a good way to meet people).