Turney Road Residents’ Association – Key Documentation

This page will display key information about the Turney Road Residents’ Association.

The Rules of the Turney Road Residents’ Association (‘The Constitution’)   Last Update: December 2013


The Dulwich Estate Rules on Hardstandings at the front of Turney Road houses

The Dulwich Estate Management Scheme has a number of rules and guidelines about what they call ‘The Public Realm’.

The guidelines state that front gardens should be at least 50% planted, with fences or hedges maintained, including those between properties. Most houses in the street are in breach of both of these. You can view the guidelines as follows:


Turney Road is also in the Dulwich Village Conservation Area and Conservation Area guidelines apply. You can view these at:


Turney Road falls into sub-Area5 and sub –Area 3.

The guidelines on front gardens and materials are mentioned in part 3 of the document  paras 5.2.2, 5.2.3, 5.3.

Over the years there has been a lack of enforcement and it is probably not practical to insist strictly on the guideline in retrospect. Most of the loss of planting has been due to the development of hard standing for cars.

As a Residents Association, we are keen to assist with ideas and also by being vigilant about any further loss of planting.

So, what can you do?

  • If you are considering changes to your front garden, consider how to include more planting and how you can re-instate at least some garden.
  • Have a look at some of the new gardens that have made imaginative  improvements.
  • If its difficult to substantially increase green areas at the moment, think about tubs and pots, hedging and planting along fences to bring in more green
  • If car parking is a difficult issue for you, then consider ways of retaining car space while introducing more porous materials or leaving gaps in paving to allow water drainage. Even better, introduce some green under your car area.
  • Re-instate fencing and borders along the boundary with your neighbour and consider growing creeping plants along this.

Turney Road Residents Association AGM Minutes 2021: turney-road-residents-2021-agm-minutes

Turney Road Residents Association AGM Minutes 2019: turney-road-residents-2019-agm-minutes

Turney Road Residents Association AGM Minutes 2018: turney-road-residents-2018-agm-minutes

Turney Road Residents Association AGM Minutes 2016: turney-road-residents-2016-agm-minutes

Turney Road Residents Association AGM Minutes 2014: trra-2014-annual-meeting-minutes-v1

Turney Road Map

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